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Infosheets for teachers and headmasters

This infosheet shall help teachers and headteachers to find out more about what „inclusive education“ means and how they can assist students with a disability. This infosheet collects important information in a very compressed form – it cannot cover in detail all possible teaching and training situations but it shall give ideas for practical inclusive strategies. To find out more about this issue, please have a look at our other brochures like: „Inclusive education and the specific needs of teachers and headteachers” and „Analysis of the specific needs of the students".

Basically, an inclusive school is a school for all not because there are children with disabilities integrated but because any child is seen as an individual. It is recognized that any child may experience difficulties in school. Furthermore, an inclusive school meets not only „special needs“ of disabled children but also educational needs of gifted children.

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Cover with introduction and ressources

Advice for improving physical accessibility

Inclusive classroom practices and design

Advice for appropriate language & behaviour

Classroom communication and presentation style

Advice for preparing learning material
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