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The data base
The aim of the Data Base:

Spread a clear and simple information about the architectural accessibility and the teaching methods of schools in Europe.


Create an inventory of schools: to allow the students in situation of handicap to know the establishments where they can study and those where they cannot go.

Look to the headmasters who made the effort to make the necessary adaptations the possibility become known with the directly concerned public.

Sensitize the headmasters and the teachers in the architectural accessibility of buildings


1. A list of the schools which were the object of an assessment: the result of every search is a list of schools which answer the various criteria entered by the visitor. This list is in fact a summary of the forms of accessibility and looks for every building:
· The name of the school
· The responsible of the expertise
· The main photo
· The address and phone number, the telephone, the fax
· The date of the assessment

2. A form describing the accessibility of the chosen school:

The objective is to describe the building such as it is to allow the visitors to be made an idea of the real accessibility.

The visitor can choose to visualize the form in its total or to see only the information which are interesting for a type of handicap.

3. A picture library allowing a visit in image: a set of photos showing the progress in the building, allows the visitors to view places and so to realize the accessibility without having to read long explanations.

4. Cartographic localization:

Thanks to the localization on the map and the coordinates GPS, the system can look to the visitor, the buildings which answer the same characteristics as that looked for, the distance which separates them as well as the near adapted parking and station.

For some forms, additional documents were introduced.

To go directly on the data base:

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