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  A school for all

An optimal reception of pupils with disabilities: the purpose with this brochure is to show and describe some practical solutions on common accessibility problems in school. The school environments are very different around Europe, and within each separate country. Architectural trends, school traditions, school level,financial resources etc can be reasons behind these differences.

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  Testimony of Maîda made by RTL.TVI

Beautiful testimony on the integration of a pupil in situation of handicap and an implication of all the teaching profession for an optimal schooling.

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  Braille Box : A free educational suitcase

A free educational suitcase Was created for the attention of the teachers of the primary school but also was intended for quite other interested person, she allows to approach the theme of the blindness.

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  Service of accompaniment

The Service of accompaniment "Etoile Polaire" insures the follow-up of children from 0 to 18 years old presenting an auditive deficiency, a trisomy (Down's Syndrome) or certain grave disorders(confusions) of the communication (for example, the children listening of deaf parents),...

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  Integration of children with disabilities in Austria

Support of teachers and headteachers on their way to “inclusion”.

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  Needs of Students with Disabilities

Presentation made by Disability Now, partner of the accesschool project.

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  School integration in Sweden

Presentation made by Lilian Muller, partner of accesschool project.

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  Triangle - Bruxelles

Presentation of an example of accompaniment for children with sensory deficiencies in the common education

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  Advices in accessibility

Thanks to the questionnaires of self-assessment, you will have identified the gaps of your establishment. To help you to improve the situation, we set up infosheets of practical advices which will give you an outline of the solutions to privilege.

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  Infosheets for teachers and headmasters

This infosheet shall help teachers and headteachers to find out more about what „inclusive education“ means and how they can assist students with a disability. This infosheet collects important information in a very compressed form – it cannot cover in detail all possible teaching and training situations but it shall give ideas for practical inclusive strategies. To find out more about this issue, please have a look at our other brochures like: „Inclusive education and the specific needs of teachers and headteachers” and „Analysis of the specific needs of the students".

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  Infosheet for headmasters - Inclusive education and ways to a more accessible school

The infosheet for headteachers gives some overview about inclusive education in schools with children with
disabilities. It shall help headteachers to find out more about what „ inclusive education“ means and how they can improve education for all children.

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  Forms of the needs of students with disabilities

To welcome in his school, a student with for example a physical disability or a sensory disability does not involve necessarily the same arrangements. To help you to understand better the needs of the students and to find the good practical solutions so much in the behavior to adopt that in teaching methods, we elaborated infosheets resuming by type of handicap the needs of the students as well as the solutions to be brought.

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  The data base

The aim of the Data Base:

Spread a clear and simple information about the architectural accessibility and the teaching methods of schools in Europe.

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  Questionnaires of self-assessment


To allow the headmasters of know the potential in accessibility of his school, infosheet of evaluation were developed.

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