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Four infosheets for headteachers (downloadable)
The European Project „AccesSchool“ aims to improve access to ordinary schooling and training for children with disabilities. Although the project’s focus is on children with disabilities, the development of inclusive practices helps all children to bene_t of education.

The infosheet for headteachers gives some overview about inclusive education in schools with children with disabilities. It shall help headteachers to found out more about what „inclusive education“ means and how they can improve education for all children.

This infosheet collects important information in a very compressed form

– it cannot cover in detail all possible situations but it shall give ideas for practical inclusive strategies.

To found out more about this issue, please have a look at our other brochures like: „Infosheet for teachers, headmasters and other responsible persons“, „Inclusive education and the specific needs of teachers and headteachers” and „Analysis of the specific needs of the students“ (available at this website).

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