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The expected impact
The expected impact is the overall improvement in access to schooling and training
image impact Better training of the players involved, thanks to the technical and practical solutions provided, and through the emulation brought about by the very fact that the real accessibility of the schools and colleges taking part in the project is rendered visible.

The everyday life of a pupil does not boil down solely to what he or she experiences within the school. This is why Accesschool will be included in the Accescity tool, making it possible to provide the user with useful information on the area around a school, such as whether there are adapted car parks in the vicinity, shops or underground stations offering disabled persons’ access, etc.

The four countries represented in this partnership are representative of the different European approaches to the schooling and training of disabled persons. This partnership is characterised by a keen know-how in the field of disability, training, and technical and educational needs analysis, and by the ability to create dynamic websites.

The general objective of the Accesschool project is to improve access for all to education and training in Europe.
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