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Infosheet for headmasters - Inclusive education and ways to a more accessible school
The infosheet for headteachers gives some overview about inclusive education in schools with children with
disabilities. It shall help headteachers to find out more about what „ inclusive education“ means and how they can improve education for all children.
This infosheet collects important information in a very compressed form – it cannot cover in detail all possible situations but it shall give ideas for practical inclusive strategies. To find out more about this issue, please have a look at our other brochures like: „Infosheet for teachers, headmasters and other responsible persons“, „Inclusive education and the specific needs of teachers and headteachers” and „Analysis of the specific needs of the students“.


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Cover including introduction and ressources


Advice for improving physical accessibility


Pedagogical support


Assistive technology and other means of support


Operational solutions
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