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A school for all

An optimal reception of pupils with disabilities: the purpose with this brochure is to show and describe some practical solutions on common accessibility problems in school. The school environments are very different around Europe, and within each separate country. Architectural trends, school traditions, school level,financial resources etc can be reasons behind these differences.
Nevertheless, it is possible to give a range of examples on the problems that might occur – and on the possible solutions. In a short brochure it is not possible to describe every possible problem and its solution, but it is our aim to present the general problems on the structural level that might occur – and its solutions.

Important for the solutions to different problems on the individual level is the existence of technical devices, products that are developed especially to ensure a high level of accessibility. This is an on-going process, and new products are released on the market almost every week. This means that the possible solutions also tends to raise in number by the time, and it is important to underline the solutions to many problems might be possible to solve in another, cheaper or more effective way tomorrow. An active daily orientation in this field is a must!

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